Here’s How Your Team Can Work From Home…

…Safely, Productively and Confidently.

As a small business owner, I personally relate to the uncertainty you are facing now and in the coming weeks or months. In addition to looking after our families and loved ones, we are responsible for looking after our staff, clients and our business operations. 

If you’re looking for what other companies are doing right now in response to COVID-19, many are asking their teams to work from home to prevent and slow the spread. 

With the shift to remote work, you may also have to adjust how you and your staff operate and communicate. Fortunately, there are many tools to help.

While some tools are complicated and require alot of setup and training, we’ve been using one successfully since 2018 that makes it quick, easy and affordable. It’s called Teamwork and it’s name says it all.

Utilizing Teamwork is a simple and collaborative way to manage priorities, tasks, time, files, employee status updates and your team’s progress in real-time.

Manage Your Tasks

Teamwork can help you quickly provide focus, transparency and accountability throughout your organization. It also provides an easy way to collaborate with your clients and manage their expectations during this challenging time. 

Keep Track of Time

Using Teamwork as a management tool for your team and clients can help you lead with certainty in uncertain times. 

Know Your Employee’s Status

Take a Look now and if you have any questions, Just Ask Us. We’re here for you.