Staying Connected To Your Customers During The COVID-19 Outbreak Can Keep Your Business Alive.

I know how you’re feeling about the challenges we are facing because I’m feeling it too. Overwhelmed. Uncertain. Insurmountable. To be quite frank, I get a little freaked at times when I think about maintaining sufficient cashflow and keeping my business alive.

However, there is one extremely powerful thought which reassures me and gives me the iron confidence to face these challenges as the leader of my business. I’ll share the rest of the story in just a moment. 

In times of crisis it’s a fact that communications are critical. During these times, strong, consistent communications to your customers and staff will:

  • Send positive messages of hope and confidence
  • Keep them interacting with your business
  • Deepen the relationship they have with your business
  • Advise them when you reopen your business

In summary, it will keep your business exactly where it needs to be during your period of limited service or temporary business closure: in their hearts and minds.

You have no control over what is happening right now in your city, town, province or country. You have no control over how long this global crisis is going to last. However, you do have complete control how you react to what is happening.

Staying connected to your customers can keep you business alive. It will also help you tremendously when it’s time to reopen by rapidly kick starting your customers into action when the time is right.

Our team of skilled digital communication professionals are uniquely positioned to rapidly help your business stay ‘digitally’ connected with your valued customers and staff.

For a low monthly fee, subscribe to our ‘Quick Start Customer Communications Package’. You’ll be in control and have peace of mind knowing your customers and staff are still connected to you and your business throughout the challenges ahead.

Quick Start Customer Communications Package


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Package Add-Ons +

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A story I heard once involved a legendary guru, who supposedly knew the most powerful words that unlocked the secret to peace and happiness on Earth. The story goes that he was offered who all the money, gold and eventually the entire Kingdom by his Emperor if only he shared these secret words. 

The guru visited the Emperor and gave him a gold ring and told him to put it on. He advised the Emperor that only in challenging times of crisis should he take it off and read the inscription on the inside of the band…it said “This too shall pass.”

Let’s get through this together and come out the other side stronger than ever before.

Remember: This too shall pass.